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MOOD: Keep Looking x Sade

So, you’re working towards something and then suddenly the path that you’re on seems a lot more tedious and a lot less interesting. You feel uninspired, unmotivated, uninterested and un-energized. You almost feel like you want to stop but at the same time you still want the results of the original goal. How do you get back up on the horse?

Reset Your Intentions

Go back to the beginning of what that goal is. Is what you’re trying to obtain realistic and does it fit in the time frame you’ve given yourself? Perhaps, you may need to change that up a bit. Alter the time frame to something that makes you a little less anxious.

Reflect and Reward

Take this time to look back on EVERYTHING you’ve ALREADY accomplished. I bet you didn’t even realize how far you’ve come. Now that you see what you’ve done already, it kind of feels silly to stop because you’ve already put so much work in. Now reward yourself. You may not be at your destination but at least you’ve gotten a good distance into the journey. Re-inspire yourself with a mini vacation or buy yourself a gift. Something tangible for you to look at and serve as a “keep up the good work” reminder. Not something like ice cream because let’s face it, you were gonna eat the ice cream anyway. Greedy.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparing yourself to someone else’s success is a real f*cking buzzkill. You see others “thriving” on social media or with their businesses and you’re wondering what they’re doing and comparing it to what you may or may not be doing. Someone else’s success is just that, theirs. What they’re doing, or not doing is not applicable to you. Someone could literally give you a step-by-step, how to guide to greatness and it won’t work for you. You know why? Because that’s not YOUR journey. Their process wasn’t meant for you. What’s for you will be for you when it’s supposed to be for you, how it’s supposed to be. Just be you. If being you hasn’t been working, be you a little harder. Also, remember that everything isn’t always what it seems. While some people’s successes may look as though they are fully flourishing, there’s always a possibility they are not; they’re just making failure look good.

(Yo, chill! I know its "lengthy" but stay with me here...)

Meta Goals

Take some of your anxiety away by setting up mini-goals or meta goals, that’ll help you towards the bigger goal. Sometimes you may need meta goals to achieve meta goals and that’s perfectly okay. Listen, I’ve realized that I NEED little mini goals or else I get overwhelmed and just say f*ck it all. Let me give you an example: cleaning your room. Seems like a small task until you walk in there and shit is all over the place. The first question you ask yourself is “where do I start?”. Start with a plan. Write down everything you want to clean and then you might have to break it down more.

E.g. Cleaning your room...

  • Clean everything off the floor

  • Clean dressers

  • Clean Mirrors

  • Vacuum

  • Put clothes away

  • Unpack from vacation

Then break it down some more.

Clean dressers

  • Nightstand

  • Tall dresser

  • Long dresser

Then break it even more.

  • Wipe down tabletop

  • Sort laundry

  • etc

Anyway, you see where I’m going with this. You’re organizing your thoughts, underwhelming the activity and by checking things off the list as you go, you’re reassuring yourself that you’re getting the job done!


How are you holding yourself accountable to finishing up what your started or getting started? You keep telling yourself that you’ll start tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and you “ain’t start sh*t”. Find ways to hold you accountable for doing what you’ll say you’ll do. A lot of people say they work “better under pressure” well then, how are you applying pressure? Tell someone what you’re doing, someone that you know will care about the outcome simply because you care. Someone who will check in with your progress. You don’t know anyone like that? Get you a life coach. Oh hey, I’m Brittney, a professional life coach. (plug)


In conclusion, be great. Start your path to greatness. Continue your path to greatness. Embrace YOUR path to greatness. There are rocks on your path, kick them. There is rain on your path, pull out your umbrella- ella- ella- aye (that song was annoying AF to me). There will be sun on your path, grab your shades! There will be a division in your path and you won’t know whether to go left or right. Don’t turn around, choose a direction and if that direction was “wrong”, evaluate what was “wrong” about it and grow from it. You might have to back up a little bit to get back on the right path but whatever you do, keep going forward.