• holla931

Purpose or Some Shit?!

It’s Monday, August 6, 2018 and the time is 11:43 am. Here I am sitting at work feeling all kinds of feelings. When I came in earlier, I felt motivated and re-energized. I felt like I was going to come to my desk, check emails etc. and then when I finished up whatever needed to be addressed from over the weekend I would use my downtime to focus on personal development instead of my daily routine of virtual window-shopping.

I can’t.

I’m too distracted.

I’m not distracted by work, anything office related or window shopping. I’m distracted by my present and what I’m really doing, or not doing to shape my future. What am I doing today that’s preparing me for a better tomorrow? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to be doing? Am I doing it enough?

I know we all struggle with this. With the feeling of complacency. It’s nerve-wracking because there’s no one available to serve you the blueprint to a lit ass life. It’s all on you. You create the life you want by living in your purpose… Aha! What the fuck is my purpose?

Some people will go through life never knowing what exactly they were put here on earth to do. NEWS FLASH: That’s okay! Well let me clarify, that’s okay for so long as you embrace the journey. It’s NOT okay if you go through life without feeding your curiosity.

I think I found a part of my purpose. I said A PART of my purpose. For me, it is to keep feeding my curiosity. To pay attention to every lesson. To appreciate what’s in front of me today. To learn, keep learning and then to share what I know. To better understand. TO TRUST THE PROCESS.

Understand that if you want things to change for you, you must first think about the change you want to happen. Once you’ve thought about it, get even more specific. DETAILS! Really think about the details. Then once you think it, envision it. Then once you envision it, believe it! You’ll know when you believe it because when you talk about it, your vernacular will shift from “I want” to “I am”. Now go after it! But this is where it gets hard… You really have to go after it. Will it be easy? No. Hell no. There will be times when you’re pursuing something, and it’ll get tediously boring or you become unmotivated (guilty) and you want to just forget about it all together. This is the time you choose to not give up but instead, try celebrating yourself. Look back on what you’ve invested in yourself so far and be proud of it. Take yourself on vacation or present yourself with a gift for bringing you to where you are. You deserve it. You don’t have to wait until it’s your birthday to eat cake. Eat the cake then get back to the grind.

So, you’ve tried that and it’s not working for you? Well then, it’s because you really don’t believe it enough. Maybe you need to clarify the vision. Do that. Redefine the details. Do that. Whatever you do, keep going. I believe in you but only as much as you believe in yourself!

What do you think... no feel... What do you FEEL your purpose is? Are you living in it or at least working towards it?