• holla931

Miss Rona To Thank, Miss Rona To Blame

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The phase I release of the [no context] capsule collection will be available this Friday, June 19th at noon EST.

The Idea: Miss Rona To Thank The idea to do this collection came about as we began to embrace the “Stay At Home” order brought on by Miss Rona. I wanted a reason to shop for more loungewear but not just for me, for us; and that’s the gist. Kinda. It’s actually a little more intuitive than that but I'll go into more details some other time.

The Execution: Miss Rona To Blame This release will roll out in two phases. Phase I will be of the inventory I currently have in stock, that's ready to ship. Phase II is the remainder of pieces (originally slated to be released all at once) whose shipment has been delayed. The remaining items should be available by the end of July, I’ll update you when a date becomes more clear. We Got Merch Because quantities for the collection are limited (and not quite male friendly), I wanted to offer an alternative for people to support, should you feel moved. The merch apparel is unisex, made to order, and processed via third party; processing and shipping has also been impacted due to COVID. Half of the merch proceeds will be donated to [Black] people who have been financially affected by BOTH pandemics: COVID-19 and the Civil Uprising of 2020. Consider this collection the inaugural rough draft of potential collections to come. Thank you for rocking with me, we finna get real cute on deez hoes.  Everything pertaining to this release was done on my own; every purchase, every detail, and customization. Every graphic, link, webpage, email, picture and post-- all me. So Iet me know what you think below, I'd love to hear from you.