• holla931

Vision Board 101

Creating a vision board and placing it somewhere you can see everyday, enables you to visualize your goals into fruition. Here are some tips to create a board that not only works, but works for YOU.

"What we focus on, expands."

MAKE A LIST When creating your vision board, the first thing you want to do is make a list. WRITE out a HAND-WRITTEN list of things that you want for the year ahead. Your list should be anything from personal or professional goals, feelings, relationship aspirations, etc. What do you want for yourself? How do you want to feel this year?

GET SPECIFIC This is where the work begins. Now that you have your list for the year, you need to specify each one. I mean get all up in those details. If you just have “car” on your list, you need to specify the year, make, model, interior/ exterior colors, etc. You need to really be able to see yourself in that specific car.

CLT+ ALT+ DLT THE NEGATIVITY Now that you specified your list, I need you to go back over it AGAIN and delete the negativity. Perhaps you have, “to not be depressed” on your list. You need to change that to how you actually WANT to feel, not how you don’t want to feel. Feel me?

STOP WITH THE MAGAZINES! I know you’re used to seeing vision boards with magazine cutouts but here’s the thing, this vision board is for and about YOU! Flipping thorough magazines means you are haphazardly looking for something desirable to catch your eye and cut it out. We’re creating boards with intention. So instead, go online and find the images that align with YOUR vision.

ALIGN YOUR VISIONS What’s your reason? Find pics that inspire you and remember those details. Your list said “house”; but don’t just look for a nice house on the internet in a neighborhood you’ve never heard of. Find a house that you love and could ACTUALLY see yourself living in. If applicable, go even further by finding your ideal location and printing out the house you could actually see yourself living in that specific community. Almost to the point where you’ve started decorating it in your head— don’t get distracted. 

MANIFEST THAT SH!T You’re being too modest, I need you to really see it for yourself. You want to get more serious about your writing this year? Don’t just put a picture of a laptop or pen and a pad on your board. Put your name on the front page of a book as the author. Don’t just put an airplane up for “travel”… Find the exact hotel you want to stay at in the city or country of your desire. See where I’m going with this? 

WHOA WHOA WHOA YOU-OVERACHIEVER-YOU…. This is your reminder that while you should definitely dream big, your vision board is only for the year. Not like… life.

YOU NOT FINNA READ THEM PARAGRAPHS EVERYDAY Definitely, absolutely put words on your board. Words are helpful when you really don’t have a picture to exemplify your pursuit. These words are what comes to mind if you had to sum up what you want this year to be like for you. Words such as “creative”, “execution” or “peaceful” are great or even a short inspirational quote or two works. But please do not stick a paragraph up there. Your board is supposed to inspire and motivate— keep it cute.

PRINT, CUT + ASSEMBLE Print out your pictures on high quality paper from perhaps a Staples or FedEx or what have you. I know, I know, it cost money but you want your board to be something you don’t mind looking at everyday… make it look presentable, we’re classy over here. Invest in your board and then invest in yourself. Give your board some depth and dimension by printing your pictures out in varying sizes. Don’t forget to print a picture of yourself! This should be a picture of you that you love of yourself! One that when you took it, you were in a good space; you smile whenever you look at it; this picture makes you happy... Right, print that one! You’ll be placing this picture smack dab in the middle of your board because remember, this board is for and about YOU. Create the template on your board before glueing or taping it down. You can separate things into sections or groups (personal, professional whatever) but its not necessary. Again, the picture of YOU goes in the middle.

THINGS TO NOTE It is important to only create ONE vision board because you want everything to be one vision. Making a personal board separate from a professional board would be insinuating that you can’t have it all at the same time, with the same vision. 

Spice it up a bit by creating your vision board on a canvas or frame it. It does not have to be on a flimsy poster board. This is something you can stand to look at everyday. Get creative. Keep it to yourself. Now that you’ve finished your masterpiece, I get that you want to show off your hard work. AHT AHT!! You don’t need that outside energy judging your dreams, I’m sure you’ve got enough doubt to deal with already.

Remember to use your vision board as a daily guide to keep you on your chosen path. This is not magic, only inspiration to keep you motivated to go after what you set out for yourself. It is important to understand that nothing comes easy. You have to put in the work but when the work gets hard, you’ll have your board up to remind you of what you’re doing it for. Believe in yourself, you got this fam. Happy Vision Boarding.

Let me know below if this encouraged you to create your own vision board or if you have any other tips to add.